New York City based womenswear brand founded in 2016 by sister-designers Allison and Jannika Rask. Raised by their Colombian mother and Swedish father, their mixed heritage combines the best of both worlds – composed and independent, fiery and passionate. Inspired by their diverse international background and contrasting personalities, Rask reflects the essence of balance.

The Claasic Beige aesthetic is a refined take on tailoring with references toward Parisian street style, grunge and new age menswear. The result is part classic, part bold; an undeniable fusion of romance and edge that exemplifies the complex yet effortless woman. Unconventional blazers are paired with seductive silk dresses, bridging the gap between masculine and feminine qualities. Each piece holds a sense of fearlessness, celebrating the courageous modern-day woman who knows what she wants yet revels in mystery.

The creative process is deeply rooted in a balance between the designers separate identities, manifesting a distinct and confident take on modern womenswear. Collections are made by the finest manufacturers in New York in small quantities with a selection of fabrications sourced from quality mills around the world.

Claasic Beige is devoted to creating clothing that empowers people to express their individuality with confidence. Devoid of any latent message, we celebrate the mundane and the imaginative.